Some tips for choosing baby towels

Some tips for choosing baby towels

Buying things for your beloved child is always a joy for parents. Because through each small item like a towel, the boundless love will be conveyed. So what do you need to pay attention to when choosing a towel for children? This is something that seems easy but not every mother knows.

Why do children’s towels need to be carefully selected?

As soon as the baby is still in the womb, the mother has meticulously bought things every day. Those are towels, hats, clothes … Among them, towels are used most in the process of taking care of children. Therefore, don’t forget:

     The baby’s skin is immature, sensitive, and needs soft fibers

The newborn’s skin is very immature. Therefore, the towel for the baby needs to be very soft and gentle. To do that, the mother should look at the composition of the raw material fiber. It must be a natural fiber, processed and produced by a modern production line to achieve good water absorption standards, when wrung dry it will be soft and comfortable.

Bath towels are also as important as face towels. The towel layer must gently hug the baby’s body after bathing, to make the baby feel most comfortable and relaxed. That is the wonderful pampering, for the baby to develop well both emotionally and physically.

     The baby’s skin is easily irritated

Also because of the immature skin, the baby can be stimulated by many agents. One of the most dangerous agents comes from bath towels or face towels, hand towels. Because of those items, the baby uses many times a day.

Children’s towels are made from synthetic fibers, with many chemicals used in the weaving or dyeing process. Looking with the naked eye, it is hard to know the harms that this synthetic fiber can cause. However, when the mother wipes and wraps it on the baby’s body every day, the chemicals left on the towel can cause the baby’s skin to be allergic. Therefore, mothers should carefully consider the ingredients when choosing towels for babies.