How to choose beautiful and suitable sports towels

How to choose beautiful and suitable sports towels

In the gym, the towel plays a very important role and choosing the right towel for your needs also plays a significant role in your workout. Why is choosing the right type of towel so important?

When you exercise, you will sweat a lot, if you do not have the right type of towel to wipe your sweat, you have to use your hand to wipe your face and forehead, then the bacteria on the machines will stick to your skin causing skin diseases such as acne, dermatitis,…

The gym, changing room, sauna are the best places for bacteria and fungi to reproduce,… very easy to spread from one person to another, from one surface to another. With the support of a towel after each workout, it will reduce the possibility of direct contact with these bacteria.

The towel will help you after exercising to keep your face, eyes and forehead clean and dry. Sweat develops in your pores can cause boils, that’s why after exercising, besides wiping sweat, about an hour later wash your face or take a shower.

What is the quality of a good sports towel?

A good sports towel is a soft, durable, water and sweat absorbent towel, depending on the needs of size and weight to choose the appropriate one so as not to take too much time for the towel to dry. The ability to absorb sweat well, help you always dry and comfortable during exercise. The size is moderate, easy to carry and use.

The factors that help you choose a good and suitable sports towel for your needs:


Cotton towels are woven from cotton fibers, so sports towels will have good absorbency, no lint, no skin irritation.

     Size and Weight 

Depending on the duration of exercise, choosing a towel with the size, weight of the towel accordingly. Should choose towels that help absorb sweat, dry when exercising. Using too thick towels will cause high possibility of bacterial growth if after exercising without drying towels in a dry place or washing towels. What should be done to maintain health for yourself as well as the durability of the towel should wash towels after each use. At the same time should change towels periodically after each period of use.

     Length of fiber 

The longer the fiber of the towel, the softer and more absorbent it is. Sports towels do not need too long fibers, just enough standard fiber length, good absorbency.


To have a soft and smooth sports towel, good absorbency should buy towels at reputable places, brands. In addition, to keep the towel always soft and smooth as desired, besides choosing towels, you must know how to preserve and clean properly to keep the towel always fragrant and soft.