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Bamboo Bathrobes
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Bamboo Bathrobes
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Handmade Bamboo

Handmade Bamboo

Rattan and bamboo craft have been intimate with Vietnamese’s for a very long time. From rattan and bamboo, the people made the products that necessary for their life. With the development of modern technology, rattan and bamboo have gradually strengthened their positions. 

The products of knitted rattan and bamboo persuaded clients by both their quality and price and they are not only sold in the country but also are exported. In Viet Nam, the producing knitted rattan and bamboo industry has contributed significantly to growing export value of the art and craft sector, has helped to solve the employments problem. The knitted rattan and bamboo sector is allocated in some villages such as: Chương Mỹ (Hà Nội), Xâm Dương, Xuân Lai (Bắc Ninh), Trung Chánh (Bình Định) and some famous producing knitted rattan and bamboo companies are: Barotex, Tre Việt, Haproximex, Artex Duy Thành, Hoa Lư Handycraft… 

In present, Viet Nam has 723/2.017 processing knitted rattan and bamboo villages and over 1000 businesses that produce and export the art and crafted products, in those there are knitted rattan and bamboo products; attract 342 thousands employees. According to the evaluation, Viet Nam uses 400 – 500 million bamboos and 600 – 8000tans rattan as materials to producing consumer goods and exporting yearly. Export: export to over 120 countries and territorial areas in the world with the average exporting turnover reaches 200 million USD in several years (203 million USD in 2010, 201 million USD in 2011 and 200 million USD in 2012). 

The main exporting markets are: America, Japan, Germany, French, Spain and Taiwan…Beside, Vietnam also exports to some other markets such as: England, Sweden and Korea… Although there are many potentials and advantages to grow rattan and bamboo Viet Nam still imports rattan for producing and processing from some countries in the area with the demand of about 33 thousand tans/year. The advantages are the technological investment is low; the high-quality employee is plentiful; the products are traditional and cultural with multi-form and style. 

 The disadvantages are the shortages of materials; environmental pollution; the quality is lower compared to other countries; the demand of market is not known clearly, the weak distribution. The opportunities: there are stated supported policies; using science and technology in producing process; the exporting markets are expanded. The goals to development: reducing the environmental pollution in producing; improving the competitive ability and the qualification of employees; improving the quality of products with the diversity of styles and forms.