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Artist Pottery

Artist Pottery

Pottery appeared early in the historical development process hundreds or thousands years ago. Today, the science – technology has developed strongly, but pottery still has an important role in Vietnam’s culture and economic, as well as has a significant position in many countries over the world. Ceramic manufacturing provides employments and incomes for many local people in the country. 

The products of domestic pottery have responded approximate 90% the demands of domestic consumer and export. The export value of this sector reaches over 260 million USD, accounted for 5% GDP every year. The ceramic manufacturing facilities are established all over the country, but in the north and the south some provinces produce more than the others. To the north, they are: Hai Duong, Hung Yen, Bac Ninh, and Ha Noi city and to the south, they are: Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Vinh Long. 

Before, China was known as a leader in exporting arts and crafts product market in the world. However, the market has expanded to the near areas, in those there is Viet Nam market. Pottery is the lead product of exporting turn-over in the art and craft sector (431 million USD turn-over – 2012), accounting for about 40% of the art and craft product total exporting turn-over of the country(2012) and will be the main force exporting field of the Viet Nam art and craft sector in the future. The main exporting markets are: Japan, America, Taiwan and Germany.  In those, Japan stands at first, the second is America. 

Beside, Vietnam also exports to some markets such as: Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Netherlands and Denmark. Vietnam’s ceramic sector still faces some risks and difficulties like: strong competitions, limited production capacity, high prices, weak distribution system, slow respond to the market’s demand and weak trade mark in the international market. The goals for development are responding to the demand of domestic market; promoting exporting the high-quality domestic pottery; using high technology; focusing on developing the sector deeply; producing the new environment-friendly products; building the big production base with the high and modern technology; expanding the small production base; arranging to focus on group production.