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Vietnam Artist Villages
Vietnamese Martial Arts
Vietnamese martial arts is highly developed from the country's long history of warfare and attempts to defend itself from foreign occupation. Although most heavily influenced by Chinese martial arts, it has developed its own characteristics throughout the millennia in combination with other influences from its neighbors.
Traditional Performing Arts
Vietnam has a complex of unique performing arts, such as vietnamese traditional music, imperial curt, traditional theatre, traditional dance, water puppetry. This is to say Vietnam is rich in traditional performing arts, manifesting Vietnam's traditions.
Traditional Vietnamese Art
Noon gate leading to the Imperial City, an example of Nguyen dynasty Imperial architectureTraditional Vietnamese art is art practiced in Vietnam or by Vietnamese artists, from ancient times (including the elaborate Dong Son drums) to post-Chinese domination art which was strongly influenced by Chinese Buddhist art, among other philosophies such as Taoism and Confucianism. The art of Champa and France also played a smaller role later on.