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To serve the demands of high quality towels, Viettowel Co, ltd. was established to provide all kinds of products on napkins, towels, bath towels to customers. In the past the company specialized only in export of towel into the Japanese market. After a long time exporting, the company decided to delve into the domestic market. To ensure that the customers get the best quality products, our company has a long-term business plan which is easy for implementation. The income of Vietnamese is gradually increasing, therefore the consumption of high quality towels is also rapidly moving up, so the consumers prefer products with high durability. Understanding the customers’ need, our company provides durable, cotton, hard to fade towel with many designs so the consumers can freely choose to use in their families.

Today, Viettowel is continuously improving production line to give consumers the best. Besides we also improve sales, marketing services to bring our products to consumers quickly. The company also provides courses in communication, customer service to ensure that when customers contact the company they will feel satisfied and their questions will be answered clearly.

Those policies are to raise the competitiveness of Viettowel in the towel market with other competitors. We are applying appropriate policies, increasingly improving product quality , enhancing advertising and marketing strategy. We already reached a number of significant markets such as Japan, South Korea and domestically, we have a wide range of partners including motels, hotels, kiosks, etc. Our business is growing rapidly and gaining the respect of customers, and we are hoping to be able to compete in broader market.