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A Little Viettowel
We have been exporting 100% cotton towel to Japan market from 2000. Our goods always meet customer’s requirement on quality, quantity, price and shipment time. We do hope to be of your serving in the future ...
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Baby face towel
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Face Towel KV07
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Face towel KV02
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Face towel KV06
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Face towel KV01
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Typical Type of Towels
Traditional Handmade Products
Artist Pottery
Vietnamese pottery and ceramics has a long history spanning back to thousands of years ago. Vietnamese potters combined indigenous and Chinese elements. They also experimented with both original and individual styles as well as incorporated features from other cultures, such as Cambodia, India and Champa.
Handmade Bamboo
In the past, after harvest time, Vietnamese people made handicraft works to meet their own needs. Their products are very skillful and sophisticated, even though they are farmers and do not specialize in handicrafts. The techniques were kept secret, but taught to relatives or fellow villagers.
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